Our Services

Our Story

Ruby IT is a family owned business. We started this company after seeing the IT field flooded with businesses that were more interested in their monthly accrual rather than the customer's overall needs for high quality service that actually saves them money. We believe in quality and integrity and we want to help others. We will do our best to find the most cost effective solutions for you without compromising security and quality.

Our Vision

Let's face it. Technical support has become a field that overcharges and under produces. What we've experienced with IT companies is that they are keen to finding expensive, temporary solutions that, in the long run, don't resolve the underlying issue. It is our vision to take away the band-aid method of IT and get to the root of the problem in the most cost effective way for YOUR pocket, not ours.


The world of technology is ever changing. We stay on top of the newest technologies in order to offer the best array of secure options available to meet your particular needs. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean it's right for you. We will help you determine what type of technology would offer you your best solutions at the best cost. Technology should be an asset to our lives and businesses, not a liability.