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Your business needs solid and practical IT solutions to meet customer demands, increase innovation, and stay ahead of the technology curve. We focus on the development and integration of customized, best-of-breed, technology solutions that effectively address our clients objects, while lowering TCO and providing maximum investment protection.

Cloud Computing

Cloud models enable organizations to focus less on management and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and more on the delivery of services. Resources are centrally controlled and automatically allocated to quickly provide users with the tools they need, whether that’s a new application, service or mobile device. RubyIT delivers a full range of solutions to help solve some of your biggest business and technology challenges

Whether you need to integrate, expand, or migrate resources to the cloud, our team can help you connect everything securely and efficiently so you can utilize the latest and greatest to make your business thrive.


With all the storage options out there it can be confusing to know which could be the right fit. This is where the Ruby IT team shines. Our storage experts will find out more about your infrastructure to provide an objective look into how much storage you actually need along with suggestions for choosing the best storage architecture for the future.


Ruby IT offers a complete desktop-to-data center virtualization product portfolio and a comprehensive set of virtualization services. These offerings are designed to help customers deploy new services faster, maximize the utilization of system resources, and more easily monitor and manage virtualized environments


When your network is inefficient, so is your business – and as mounting pressure is placed on network infrastructure, all eyes are on IT to perform and scale accordingly. Ruby IT helps companies address these challenges with a simplified, scalable, and automated solution that links virtualized systems with storage and Cloud.

Ruby IT can design your integrated network roadmap, align flexible network architecture with current and future goals, and provide hands-on training for IT staff in our Proof of Concept Center.

Our services include network design/IRF, network assessment, network implementation, network and video security, unified communications, and infrastructure management.


Ruby IT offers a network security strategy that enables customers to identify the gaps that may expose their organizations to risk, giving them confidence that their data is protected. We help protect them from internal and external threats – including data theft – by identifying and controlling who accesses the data and preventing more complex attacks on their networks.

Ruby IT works with clients to formulate solutions that seamlessly integrate into their business environments. When it comes to implementation,Ruby IT offers the deployment capabilities, the expertise, and the training needed to ensure success in aligning security technology with each client’s distinctive infrastructure.

Back-Up/Disaster Recovery

Organizations in all industries are now storing confidential electronic documents, capturing increasing amounts of data, and amassing video, social media, and resource-intensive files. As a result, secure backup and recovery systems have become a business imperative.

Our enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions help shrink backup windows and enable centralized management of the data protection infrastructure. We also provide solutions that are optimized for virtualized environments, enabling faster backups and single-step restores while drastically improving server performance and reducing the amount of network bandwidth required for backup processes.